Stan Potra - UI/UX Designer, Creative Director
Wait a minute! Who are you?

The guy behind this project

I'm Stan Potra UI/UX designer from Ukraine, now in Spain. I'm crafting effective user-friendly interfaces since 2012. I'm a reliable design partner for many creative/marketing agencies across the globe. Honored to work for world-known brands like DAZN, Burger King, Popeyes, Adidas, Warner Bros.

So why work with me?

There are millions of designers on our planet, I'm not the most popular and don't brag about myself (maybe I should) from every corner of the web, but every single client I worked with was happy with the results provided. And I do reliably provide handsome returns on my clients’ investment. At least for them and me it counts.

I'm well-respected in a field where competence, reliability and creativity are in short supply. I'm a little island of safety and stability.

About this project

Building this project I wanted to focus on the quality of work, that's why I'm handpicking each project and limiting the number of subscriptions.

My goal was to make the process working with expert designer less complicated, long, expensive. This is where UX/UI subscription come into play, treat it like a "business software expense" but with no drama and strings attached.
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